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Intelligent System Solutions for Group and Individual Insurance
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Claim Management Products
Designed by experienced insurance professionals, the DOCS product line provides fully automated policy, claim and benefit management functions with comprehensive features as the solution for claim administration.

Aggressive pricing keeps the DOCS product line affordable and increases the return on investment.
For a side-by-side product comparison see the Features page.
DOCSNET® (Disability and Life Operational Control for NETwork Computing) is the third generation of the DOCS product line designed for the large corporate enterprise. In this solution, BRM has combined e-processing technologies with its solid Claim Management workflow and discipline. DOCSNET is engineered in an multi-tier architecture, utilizing the latest advances in distributed processing to provide automatic load balancing and fault tolerance. Its technical features include: open communications using ADO, COM+, and XML standards; multiple front-end interfaces including web and Windows; Internet portals; independent data storage with integrated auditing; data distribution and replication supported in either Oracle or MSSQL Server database(s); and back-end legacy integration. The product's high degree of end-user customization and configuration makes it infinitely adaptable to the ever changing business needs of the market.
DOCSQL® (Disability and Life Operational Control SQL) is the second generation of the DOCS product line designed as a cost effective full service solution. DOCSQL combines the Claim Management process with the Windows Client/Server architecture. Engineered for the small to medium size insurer, DOCSQL merges the technologies of a 32-bit Graphical User Interface, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Rapid Application Development (RAD), and Oracle or MSSQL Server database. This is an expert system with the automated management, comprehensive features and structured environment necessary for today's market.
DOCS® (Disability and Life Operational Control System) was first engineered in 1990 and was the pioneer Disability Claim Management system in the file server environment. This solution was designed to provide the small to medium size administrator with a technical solution to standardize claim management and afford easy access to the data for reporting.

Although no longer marketed, BRM continued to support DOCS installations into the new millennium, proving the importance, durability, and longevity of this solution.
DOCSNET is designed to process high claim volumes and meet the needs of the largest insurers

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