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Intelligent System Solutions for Group and Individual Insurance
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CARD Table of Contents
Table of Contents
General | Disability Management | Benefits | Other Sources | Offsets, Law or Act | Social Security Offsets | Statutory Law | Rehabilitation | Investigation | Claim Decisions | Medical Investigations | Administration | Legal | Tax | Medical Impairment | Resources | Other Coverages

Claim Philosophy
Communications - External
File Documentation
ERISA Reporting and Disclosure Requirements
ERISA Claim Requirements
Cafeteria Plan
Excess LTD
Pregnancy, Childbirth, Miscarriage, or Abortion
   Disability Management
Effective Date of Insurance
Disability Defined
Continued Proof of Disability
Continuity of Coverage
Recurrent Disability
Duration Protocol and Guidelines
Elimination Period
All Sources Calculation
COLA Benefit
Survivor Benefit
   Other Sources
Other Offsets
Salary Continuation
COLA Freeze Provision
Agreement Concerning Benefits
Canada Pension Plan
Retirement Offsets
Railroad Retirement Act
Civil Service Retirement Disability Income
No Fault Insurance
Veterans Administration Disability Benefits
   Offsets, Law or Act
Worker's Compensation
California Worker's Compensation
Permanent Worker's Compensation
Minnesota Worker's Compensation
Black Lung Disease
Connecticut Lien
Jones Act
   Social Security Offsets
Social Security Integration
Social Security Benefit
Social Security Disability Defined
Social Security Disability
Social Security Dependent Benefits
Social Security Retirement Benefits
Administration of Social Security Offsets
Social Security Disability Advantages
Social Security Increases
Medicare Increases
Earnings Adjustments
Social Security Initial Declination
Social Security Appeal
Social Security Tax Data
   Statutory Law
State Temporary Disability Laws
California State Disability Insurance
New York State Disability Benefits Law
New Jersey Temporary Disability
Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance
Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance
Puerto Rico Disability Benefit Act
Partial Disability
Residual Calculation
Rehabilitation - Contractual
Partial Disability and Salary Continuation
Indexed Pre-Disability Earnings
Proportional Loss
Earnings Test
Vocational Rehab
Zero Day Residual
Order of Investigation
Investigative Red Flags
Third Party Reporting Agency
Material Misrepresentation
Injury on the Job
Eligibility Investigation
Termination (Reason Other Than Disability)
Evidence of Insurability
Personal Contact Guide
Employee vs. Independent Contractor
   Claim Decisions
Denial of Benefits
Delayed Notice of Claim
Discontinuance and Replacement
Preexisting Conditions
Accident vs. Sickness
Intentionally Self-inflicted Injuries
Organ Donor
War Exclusion
Participation in a Riot
Insurrection and Rebellion
Claim Settlement Policy
Special Conditions, Limitations
   Medical Investigations
Medical Narrative
Confidentiality of Medical Records
Independent Medical Examinations
Disclosure of Alcohol or Drug Abuse Records
Hospital Records
Regular Care
Qualified Physician
Overpayment Recovery
Lost or Stolen Check
Proof of Date of Birth
Waiver of Premium
NAIC Model Privacy Act
Insurance Department Inquiries
Internal Revenue Service Inquiries
Attorney of Record
Fair Credit Reporting Act - New York
Fair Credit Reporting Act - Public Law 91-508
Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
Sick Pay Withholding
Taxable Income Inquiries
Tax Form 712
   Medical Impairment
Mental Disability
Classification of the Degree of Heart Impairment
Classification of Progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Claims Reference Library
Independent Medical Exam Services
Social Security Assistance
Income Evaluation
Lien Recoveries
Medical File Consultation
Missing Persons
Data Exchange
Medical Assistants
Investigative Services
Electronic Claim Service
   Other Coverage
Unusual Plan Provisions
Activities of Daily Living
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