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Puerto Rico Disability Benefit Act
*** This is an unofficial extract of the benefit schedule of the statutory plan and reference to the actual statutory regulations is required for the most current, complete and official plan provisions.
Puerto Rico administers its state disability law as an adjunct to its unemployment insurance law.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible an employee must have received wages of at least $150.00 in covered employment during the first 4 of the last 5 calendar quarters which immediately precede the first day of disability.

BENEFITS (1998): Maximum - $113.00 per week, minimum - $12.00 per week. Benefits are paid by schedule and are based on total wages received in the base year. Partial weeks are based on a 7 day week and are computed to the complete highest dollar.

ELIMINATION PERIOD: Benefits begin on the 8th day of disability or 1st day of hospital confinement if sooner.

BENEFIT PERIOD: 26 weeks within any 52 week period.

RECURRENT DISABILITY: Two periods of disability due to the same illness or accident or related thereto, which are not separated by more than 90 days are considered as one period of disability.


MATERNITY LEAVE ACT: Up to 8 weeks of leave at 50% of wage are payable in conjunction with the above.
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