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Intelligent System Solutions for Group and Individual Insurance
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Claim Administrative Resource Directory (CARD)
CARD® is more than just an on-line manual. It is software that organizes the cumbersome, hard-copy claim manuals and pigeon-holed mandates, directives and techniques into an easily accessible repository for corporate policy, practices and resources.
CARD not only enables a company to maintain their own resources, it already comes populated with loads of claim management expertise * in over 15 categories. Of course, there is the ability to add new categories and technical references.

CARD runs in a multi-user Windows environment. It's data references are secure and yet are maintainable by designated users. CARD focuses on Long Term Disability administration, but can be easily expanded to support Short Term Disability, Individual Disability Income, LIFE, LTC and other lines.

* NOTE: The information contained in this product is not intended to provide legal advice nor is it an inclusive source of legislative mandates for claim administration. It is understood that the user will review and modify the information to conform with the individual company's policies and standards.

See CARD's
Table of Contents for a complete listing of the information distributed with CARD. For more information, please contact BRM.
DOCSNET is designed to process high claim volumes and meet the needs of the largest insurers

BRM provides links to disablility information, tax rates, and other insurance related materials

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